“All scripture is given by inspiration of God.”

II Timothy 3:16

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“But he who has mercy on the poor, happy is he.”

Proverbs 14:21


Our Production Staff - The Volunteers and Staff that make all this possible.


As with all things, it is the people that Walk the Path with us that brings us closer to our true goals. With this in mind, we'd especially like to thank our production staff who works tirelessly to provide the public with all of our media broadcasts. Many of these people are volunteers that give their time to help us teach God's Word. It is through their light that we bring to you all that you find within this site.
DR. F. Kenton Beshore
“DOC” as was is affectionately known was saved at the age of five and was called to preach at the age of eight. “DOC” began a daily radio ministry in 1954 and has seen the BIBLE INSTITUTE OF THE AIR program grow until today it is heard daily into most of the world. He has produced over 14,900 radio broadcasts, taught his six hour prophecy seminar in almost every state of the union, and he was a professor at both Faith Seminary and the Louisiana Baptist Seminary. “DOC” was President of the WORLD BIBLE SOCIETY until he passed away in June of 2016.  Under his leadership, World Bible has distributed Bibles into 65 countries. Click here for more...

Lois "Lolo" Beshore

Lois "Lolo" Beshore


"Doc" Beshore and Glen Megill

"Doc" Beshore and Glen Megill

Ken and Dottie Phillips, Ministry Director and His Wife

Ken and Dottie Phillips
Ministry Director and His Wife


Quinn Farnes - Sound, Lighting, and Audio Production Engineer

Quinn Farnes
Sound, Lighting, and Audio Production Engineer


Glen Megill, "Doc" Beshore, Glen's dad and Dr. John Ankerberg

Glen Megill, "Doc" Beshore, Glen's dad and Dr. John Ankerberg


Thank You to all those who have helped us spread the Word of God!


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"Thank you for your support!" - Dr. F. Kenton Beshore, President


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