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Christian Video Productions from World Bible Society which educate the public through biblically based educational videos.
(Last Updated on November 15, 2016)


World Bible Society regularly films visual productions that are geared towards educating the public through biblically based educational videos. Many of these videos are of our founder, Dr. F. Kenton Beshore, teaching prophecy and Bible book studies.

Often, these short segments are also later edited and mastered into DVD's that are available on our Christian Product Catalog. Below is the latest of our sermons and video segments. We will be updating them once a month.  If you wish to also have the sermon notes or want to purchase a specific video on DVD, please contact us.

Simply click on each video
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Please Note: If you are a broadcaster and wish to air our radio/video programs on your station, please go ahead. If you need a higher resolution version, simply contact us so we can provide this for you.  We also request that you drop us a note so that we know where our programs are being aired to help us advertise your station on our Media Sponsors page to thank you for your support!
The Messiah in
the Old Testament
The Next Great Prophetic
Event Before the Rapture

The Problem of
World Evangelization
The Spirit
Directed Life

Romans 12 - Spiritual Gifts The Book of Immanuel


The Ezekiel Invasion



The Gospel of John










The Prophet Joel




Let's Understand Pentecost


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